If you are driving this route drive carefully!!! Also, this is a route to enjoy yourself!!! To stop every now and then, to enjoy the nature!

Starting point is Zagreb, the capital city where lots of tourists arrive to Croatia. The route will take you to a hilly geographical region (where you can also check out amazing Ekodrom Estate – it’s not far away from the route) that will after a couple of hours of driving turn to highland Croatia, where you’ll pass by famous and breathtaking Plitvice National Park.

NP Plitvička jezera

This part of route (from Slunj next approx. 100km) is definitely more touristic, and you’ll encounter more cars on the road. Also there are a few really cool festivals taking place near Slunj, and you can check them out here. Search for locations Rudopolje and Primišlje.

The last third takes you to Dalmatia, along the Zrmanja river, then Krka river and Krka National Park (which has some amazing views and things to check out there) all the way to the city of Šibenik. From there: have an amazing time exploring magical Dalmatia! Safe travels guys! 😉

NP Krka

Tip: listen to Yammat FM radio for at least first length of the trip 🙂

P.S. You can also visit all of the places by using highway, so adjust the route according to your wishes. If you’re taking the bus, you’ll need to split the route into several shorter sub-routes.