Ekodrom Estate is an ongoing project which started in 2012 by founding Ekodrom association and planting organic plum trees on 7 hectares of land. Association was started by a group of friends with a goal of exchanging knowledge about sustainable way of life in rural Croatia. Part from that Ekodrom organized many projects like Ekodrom Festival, carpentry, organic gardening, singing, yoga, blacksmiths, forest botanic gardening workshops, alongside with some international cultural exchange projects.

In the last three years one property was completely renewed and turned into Ekodrom Estate touristic platform. It is our wish to offer our guests amazing stay in a beautiful countryside as well as offer them some knowledge about living in such environment throughout various activities and workshops.

On the farm you can enjoy activities like picking mushrooms in a nearby forest, learn about organic orchard, apply for cooking, music or yoga workshops etc.

Property consists of 4 houses which used to be property of Grandmother Ljuba who spent her life in Bukovica. One house used to be a barn and other two were cattle stables. With great joy and many hours of work we turned this stables in a modern houses in an amazing environment which offers peace of mind to every visitor so far!


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This is NOT a paid ad. Indie Voyager recommends this property after an extraordinary experience the crew had on Ekodrom Festival, on this very property. This is our way of supporting people who move things forward. Ekodrom is without a doubt one of these stories.