This is usually an awesome idea… When you make preparations for the trip like at least a week before departure. But, as usually happens when you’re living as a freelancer, you take any opportunity that comes out of nowhere. It also usually results with an unexpected scenario, but we’ll agree on this – who cares as long as you end up having a blast while exploring new cities and countries on your unexpected adventures.


4 of us and a cat in the car on a mission to give a lift to our friend Ramon and his cat to their homeland. The Netherlands.


And my top 5 things you definitely should think about before taking a 1400km long car ride:

1. Don’t forget to charge your smartphone battery, when smartphone is your only navigational tool

2. Don’t forget to buy a car charger for your smartphone

3. Pray for your phone to stay alive when you’re about to enter a huge city and you need something to guide you

4. Book a hotel room earlier; there’s a chance most of them will be full when you arrive; it’s almost midnight after you’ve wandered around for hours in an enormously big city

5. Contact Couchsurfing hosts at least two days before your departure, as it might happen that your smartphone goes dead and you forgot to buy a smartphone car charger

So, obviously, we didn’t do any of these 5 awesome suggestions.