Give yourself to the road

OK guys. I have this habit to very often cycle to the nearby lake that’s roughly 7km away. There are a few awesome spots where you can really dive into a complete nirvana… I mean, sunny weather, a soft-touching breeze of warm summer wind and some weird and great music in my ears – is kind of what I love to call perfection.

It’s also a place where quite often, completely lost in the beats of sounds and sights that are there, in front of me, in that very second, I “plan” my next travel move. Or in other words, I’m accumulating vitamin D, optimism and gratitude for surviving one more boring and long lasting winter, and I’m letting my brain cells paint lines and roads; an unexpected adventure that sits around literally every corner. Every situation. Every single moment.


So, a few years ago, after one of summer afternoons spent on the dock of the lake, we packed our things and went to launch more than 5k kilometers of an unknown trip that continued every year since.


What happened here? In thousands of kilometers of wandering across lands? An understanding that nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future?

Or this isn’t about philosophy at all, but just about truly giving yourself to the road?

What actually drives
us to leave behind
our secure future
just to pursuit new experiences
and changing horizons?

Check out what these two awesome and inspiring European travelers said for Indie Voyager about their travel experience; what they’ve learned; what influenced them the most while traveling; what are the most important moments in every life of a traveler… And find your own answer.


“I believe that one of the most important thing I discovered was that happiness is within reach in the most simple things: having a laugh, watching a beautiful landscape, enjoying a conversation, and to appreciate those important moments for what they are.

The Big Truth for me is to succeed reaching and keeping this mindset.”



“There were a lot of places and people that influenced me much, but I think there is one event that had the biggest influence on me and my life in the past couple of years – the day I started my round-the-world trip. I took my backpack, went to the pay tolls on eastern part of Zagreb and lifted my thumb. That little amount of courage set me free and from that moment on I felt at peace.

And I think that is the most important moment in every traveler’s career – that day when you start, and give yourself to the Road.”


P.S. Header photo has nothing to do with the article. But it looks good though.

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