A few minutes after taking these photos, we were in the mountainous part of the island, standing right next to the highway, and it was probably 40 degrees (Celsius – 104 degrees Fahrenheit) outside.

The story behind the photos starts when four of us decided to split into two and hitchhike the route of 140km from Heraklion to Chania (Greece)…  I won’t say that we were competing who will be the first to reach the destination, but I can say that my friend and I lost that “game”.

So, we’re on the highway, with only a half full bottle of water, standing literally nowhere, when you (kind of) start doubting that anyone will actually stop in this area…

I mean, we’re surrounded by mountains, there’s no house or any sign of civilization except the road, and if we don’t manage to get a ride, things will become messy.


“OMG, what if no one stops?”


Just around the turn, maybe a minute after my inner monologue, a huge car carrier loaded with cars appeared; we lifted our thumbs momentarily seriously disbelieving that we’ll have luck with this one, when the enormous machine started slowing down…