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The film you’re about to see “features interviews of vanlifers from different countries and their unique perspectives on choosing to live in a van.

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, in a couple, with a family – or just at the dreaming stage right now about getting on the road – this film will inspire you to follow your dreams. The vanlifers featured in the film talk about how they got started; tips; and even the ‘darkside of vanlife,’ where not everything is Instagram perfect, like life. Spectacular landscape cinematography is laced throughout, from award-winning director Armando Costantino.”


Westfalia Digital Nomads (Armando, Mel, Ziggy and Mork)

The day Mel and Armando left for their new life in 2012 from Brno, CZ

Hi, we’re Mel and Armando of Westfalia Digital Nomads. I’m an American online/offline writer and he’s an Italian filmmaker. At the moment, we’re traveling through Spain on our way to Portugal to spend the winter months – because it’s a little warmer than most places in Europe. Grin. A campervan was our solution, really, to haul all of our gear around and travel more easily. We’ve been working on the road as we go, doing location independent work for clients.

I’d say that in our prior lives (we usually refer to it as ‘static’), we were both really bored and wanted nothing more than to travel and explore together.

We had to completely downsize.

Just one bag each for clothes and our computers, Armando’s photography gear. Because our van is a T4 Westfalia, it came equipped with a fridge, stove (2 gas burners), a sink and a fold out bed – which turned out brilliant for us. Our main focus was just on the travel of the thing, not necessarily the means.

The biggest change we’ve experienced has been the level of happiness in our daily lives.

Even now, 6 years later. There’s rarely the daily stress we used to have, though things do go wrong. We’re more adaptable, for sure – we look for solutions immediately instead of getting mired in the problems or stuck.

Florence, Italy

Our motivation for working is a lot higher, too. We actually like getting up early now, compared to before, and look forward to each day. Perhaps it sounds hokey, but I think we feel very grateful in general. For what we’ve been able to see, the people we’ve met and all of the experiences we’ve gone through. Good and bad. To do that as a couple makes you more resilient and stronger. It also makes you appreciate keenly the person you’re sharing it with.

I’d say our quality of life is much, much higher. It’s not perfect, but it’s simplified. And it’s ours.

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Photos kindly provided by Armando & Mel – © Westfalia Digital Nomads