The most significant clubs and unique off locations; international alternative, rock and electronic acts located around Vienna’s 9th district. It’s awesome Waves Vienna Festival…

What else?

Every year this cool festival welcomes specific countries as special guests and focuses on the acts from these countries in the live program. Its Music Conference organizes lecturing and participating in workshops while the subject-specific program deals with the topic “East meets West” – an inspiration for many years of pan-European cooperation.

If you’re into indie, electronic, alternative and experimental music that is performed in Vienna’s coolest underground clubs, exhibition centres, concert halls and cafés, what are you waiting for?


When: September 27-29, 2018

Where: Vienna, Austria

Why: Cause it’s one of the best Central European indie music festivals.


* Photo credits: Patrick Muennich, Judith S Duran, Armin Rudelstorfer & Wolfgang Thaler