This is a story about a true adventurer. An alternative and fearless soul. Not a guy with fancy camera and tons of gadgets pretending to be an adventurer on YouTube who spends his time at the poshest hotels with mainstream figures. This is a story about freedom, self-discovery and material-free and honest eyeglasses every single person wears in early 20s, and just a fraction keeps when things change its form with time and experience.

This is a story about independents. And every extremely exciting morning when you wake up so ready to change the world cause you’re untouchable and unstoppable. You’re suddenly aware that you’re everything packed in almost nothing.


Rale since he was 20 worked on making whole Europe his home. Last time we met each other, wearing the ripped shirt and old, second-hand pants he found somewhere in Berlin, he opened his notebook with lyrics and showed me 20 coffee receipts from 20 European destinations…  
There were no words involved. No selfies in front of the Eiffel tower or on Piazza San Marco and no “exciting” stories on every single thing he experienced on the road. His way to say what happened in last two years of his life.

And I was blown away.

I met him on several other occasions. We didn’t talk much, but every time he would share something, you would realize that every single trip he took and every single adventure is actually his way to find his place in the world – in precisely the way he wanted it. Independently. 
Which is, I get it now, really important. The less other people influence you with their frustrations; you’ll end up being happier.
If not happier, then definitely ready to take chances.
Without money, without modern devices, without plans, without using Couchsurfing or Workaway, without thinking much about the future or pension or thinking about different ways of monetizing your “adventures”.
“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” What you become.