Looking for inspiration?

There’s a growing trend in the world lately quite similar to the #vanlife subculture launched by the hippies in the 60s and the 70s with their iconic VW vans.

People are changing, and many millennials are not so much into thinking about a business success only anymore, but deeper meanings of life often followed by quitting jobs and abandoning cozy house environments to taste freedom in its purest form…

Like this inspiring couple who traded their London flat keys for a set of van keys…

Or like Bessie

…A Couple of Adventurers…

…vegan couple and their two cats…

Or Crom and Valine…

All with just one goal: to live life to the fullest. Whatever that means for you.

And if you’re still looking for inspiration, who knows, you might even find it hidden in the vibe of spectacular “This Bitter World” by Dinah Washington & Max Richter and some of the best YT comments I’ve ever read posted for a YT upload.

Cause you know that where words and pictures fail, music speaks.

“Today you’re young
Too soon, you’re old”

There’s certain occurrences that seem to strip me of my identity, what I am can no longer be contained and spills out from this body and mind and I am connected to everything again. How easy it is to lose oneself in character. In the illusion of identity we dress for this peculiar, improvised performance we put on each day. Thank you for taking me home, allowing me to step from the stage and observe the beauty of this bittersweet Earth from afar. How truly lucky I am.

Casey J

I’m an emotional guy. One of my exes didn’t like that about me; she thought it was unmanly. And perhaps she’s right. But I don’t care. I wouldn’t change the intensity of the emotion I feel right now listening to this, the tears in my eyes, the knot in my chest, for anything.


So wonderful how long the first and third verse are in comparison to the second. I remember my Gran who lived to be 94 saying the best days of my life were gone like that (Click of the fingers). She was the first woman to sign-up to the Scottish home defense (she’s in the newspapers). Raised 10 kids. Watched her son-in law (my father) die, her husband, her son then her daughter. She still had more zest for life and love for those around her than anyone i have ever met.

Dermot Hughes

I miss music that brought humanity closer. Now everything is so shaded in shallow appearances and money.

Jess Smith

“Lord, this bitter earth; Yes, can be so cold; Today you’re young; Too soon, you’re old…” so true – and along with this music it expresses exactly what´s in my heart right now. Tears, sadness, some loneliness and, strange enough, some inner peace and silence. It feels so good to know, that I’m not the only one. May this bitter earth will one fine day bear the fruit of sweet heaven.

Thomas Heinrich

Pack your bags.

Right now. 😉

Photos: © livin4wheel & Holly & Angus