Yes, you’ll spend some money, but not a lot, and still you’ll be able to experience this amazing continent in an adventurous and really unforgettable way.

How we’ll do this? By avoiding visiting most of the countries from western and northern part of Europe, of course.

Instead, think Portugal, Spain, whole Balkan area, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Greece… And trust me – you’ll have a blast! Yes, visiting Paris, London or Rome is something you should definitely do and really special experience – but if you explore some stunning places in Portugal or Croatian islands, festivals in Serbia, if you try spectacularly tasty food in (FYR) Macedonia and let’s say some adventure activities in the Danube region of Romania – you’ll have so much better stories to tell your friends, work pals and family…

Ready? Let’s jump into it…


If you’re coming by plane, land to Budapest. Why? It simply has the best connections in the area to the rest of Europe – and it offers amazing cheap flight deals around the year. Like – if you’re coming from let’s say Brussels, you’ll find a ticket for 10-15 euro… Which is amazing. And the prices are more-less the same with other destinations in Europe when you’re buying tickets for Budapest.

Cheap flights to Budapest – use Skyscanner. How to do it the right way, follow this link here.

Budapest, Hungary

Currency: forint, approx. 310 forints for 1 euro.

Prices: for the prices of goods, apartments, and other, please check out Numbeo estimates here


After chilling in the Hungarian capital, let’s go south. Step 2 is Serbia. Destination: Novi Sad.

If you have heard before for Novi Sad, it’s probably because of famous Exit Festival – one of the biggest and most awarded European summer music festivals. And if you’re doing this route in July, definitely make plans to visit Petrovaradin fortress located right above the famous Danube river, and have fun on 20+ festival stages… Truly unforgettable experience..

But Novi Sad isn’t just Exit.. It’s so much more than that. Being the biggest city and the administrative center of Vojvodina province, Novi Sad is a destination you can visit all year round… Festivals, beautiful architecture, exciting café and night-club culture, awesome food… the list just goes on.

Anyways, Budapest to Novi Sad – take a train. It’ll cost you around 20 euro one way and the ride will last for probably 6 hours… A lot, I know – considering the distance (290km)… But it’s definitely the cheapest way of transportation for this part of the route.

Train Budapest – Novi Sad – check out this link here

Novi Sad, Serbia

Currency: dinar, approx. 120 dinars for 1 euro

Prices: for the prices of goods, apartments, and other, please check out Numbeo estimates here


It’s time for Croatia. More specifically – its capital city Zagreb. So, how to get there?

By bus. There are several departures daily and the ticket costs approx. 30 euro. The ride lasts 7 hours.

Zagreb is Croatia’s capital city, cultural and administrative center of the country, and very often described as “Little Vienna”… And why is that – you’ll find out as soon as you arrive to the destination.

Bus departures – Novi Sad – Zagreb – check out this link here

Zagreb, Croatia

Currency: kuna, approx. 7.5 kunas for 1 euro

Prices: for the prices of goods, apartments, and other, please check out Numbeo estimates here


The spectacular Adriatic Sea.

Rijeka – Croatia’s third biggest city, located in the north of the Adriatic Sea is the biggest Adriatic port, and a place with really interesting history… It’s also the first destination located on the seaside you’ll visit – quite close to other iconic Croatian destinations – such as Istria county or beautiful Krk Island, spectacular mountains of Gorski Kotar region…

Zagreb – Rijeka buses go very frequently, the price costs 10 euro and the ride lasts 2.5 hours.

Bus tickets – Zagreb to Rijeka – check out this link here

Rijeka, Croatia

Prices: for the prices of goods, apartments, and other, please check out Numbeo estimates here

Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. Croatia from Filmerija on Vimeo.


Rijeka – Vienna – by bus. The ticket costs 25 euro and the ride lasts 7.5 hours. And from Vienna you’ll find plenty of cheap flight offers to various European destinations…

Bus tickets – Rijeka to Vienna – check out this link here


Transportation: 100 euro

4 European countries

5 destinations


Safe travels guys!