And let’s keep our focus on the indie ones. Yes, you should definitely visit Ultra Europe, Roskilde in Denmark or Sziget in Hungary, but with this post the key is to go deeper. Underground.

Cause every single festival you’ll find recommended here is a genuine adventure.

From Positivus smiles in Latvia to Seasplash sound-system vibes located quite close to Istria region’s biggest city Pula (Croatia), all the way to the hippiest festival in Europe – Matala Beach in Greece, the following list is the ultimate European festival #bucketlist… Tailored for every single alternative and indie music and art enthusiast, adventurer and backpacker.

So… If any of you guys have questions, recommendations, travel tips, festivals reviews – or whatever… Leave them all in the comment section below.

Let’s talk about the best music festivals in Europe in 2018.


Hold tight:

(This list expired unfortunately. But don’t you worry, check out the new one for 2019: This Year… We’re going to the Moon!)

The featured moment was recorded on Seasplash Festival in 2016. And it’s a very common sight there.

Freedom. Love. Art.