Agni Spirit Festival is a co-creative gathering that celebrates mindful living; yoga, arts, creativity and conscious community in a beautiful land north of Barcelona.

Festival info:

The Lake:

The festival enjoys access to the Santa Ana Lake that is located just 1 minute from the centre of the festival and the water is pure and crystalline. 


There will be a specific area to camp with your tent where you will be able to enter with your car. Remember that you must bring all your camping equipment with you!


The element of water is very present at the land and the festival has the good fortune to have natural sources of drinkable mineral water throughout the property. Bring your own bottle to refill whenever you like at the points indicated. Stay hydrated!

Leave No Trace:

The Own Land is natural treasure, and the proposal of Agni is not to be detrimental to the state of the land or water.


There will be a range of food options available at the festival from morning to night. In the mornings vendors will offer a fresh, natural superfood smoothie at their stand and through the day you’ll be able to get main meals ranging from Italian, Moroccan, Middle Eastern, Indian all the way to fusion cuisine.

*All information sourced from the offical website of the festival. For more, please visit the website.


When: June 19 – 23, 2020

Where: Baldellou, Spain

Why: It’s a festival that celebrates mindful living.

The vibe from previous editions:

Photos: © Agni Spirit