A transformative experience: MYSTIC MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL 2024

This summer solstice Mystic Mountain is lovingly inviting you to a unique and special celebration of life. 

From the 17th to the 23rd of June – Croatia’s picturesque nature is giving us dreams of creating a better world and a chance to breathe…

Open-minded and visionary souls from all over will gather for the 7th edition of this fusion of transformational practices and dancefloor abandon, to share, learn, grow, dance, and celebrate life through a variety of soul-nourishing workshops during the day followed by the best local and international DJs by night.

From its inception, the vision has always been to create an immersive experience to allow for roots to grow and connections to deepen as a more retreat-styled festival. 

That said, tickets are priced at a friendly rate and all classes, workshops, excursions, and camping are included.  

Mystic Mountain is a small-scale (max 500 people), community-oriented, electronic-esoteric festival, based in the “Pazi Medo Zipline Centre” in Croatian wilderness.

This unique and surprising location, with its jaw-dropping panoramic view over a huge valley, makes a breath-taking setting for yoga, workshops, camping and celebration. Every day there is a variety of transformational workshops in the glass-walled panoramic room which needs to be seen to be believed. 

By the early evening, the body-moving sounds of Ethnic Electronic, Ambient, Psy-Chill, House, Techno, Psy-Trance, and of course, Balkan music will tempt you to the dance floor to laugh and dance into the sunset and the night. If that’s not what you are feeling then perhaps you’ll enjoy being around the fire, sharing stories and jamming under the full moon.

“The transformation we crave to see in the world starts with us, and “Mystic Mountain” is specifically organised with this intention: to be the mycelium where seeds of change can grow. By living in harmony with each other and nature, we learn and develop abilities both, practical and spiritual that we take with us on our journeys long after the summer solstice has passed and the tents have been rolled up and packed away.”

Starting the day with yoga in the morning sunshine is soon followed by an outdoors adventure from hikes to cold plunges in the spectacularly beautiful and surprisingly cold “Gacka” river. 

With arts and crafts, somatic work, ecstatic dance, intuitive massages, talks about community building and so much more on offer. Pick your workshop, immerse yourself, expand your mind, open your heart, and allow yourself to surrender to your growth from the inside out. 

This is not an alcohol-free festival but it is also not an alcohol oriented festival either. The combination of wellness and party is offered and the choice is yours. There are 4 silent nights where the music stops at a reasonable time so we can enjoy the fruits of the next day in balance and vitality. On the final weekend, there are two 2 party nights where we pull out all the stops and let it happen, celebrating the summer solstice in style, and enjoying with our new friends. 

You can buy your tickets through their website mysticmountainfestival.com and enjoy the thrill of barefoot freedom, and peaks of presence with the rest of folks who await you, in the exhilarating fresh-air mountains of Croatia next to a wold famous “Plitvice Lakes” national park.

Website & Tickets

When: June 17-23, 2024

Where: Rudopolje, Croatia

Why: Cause it’s a magical place where things are balanced and where guests really open their ways to their true Self.

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Photos: © Mystic Mountain; thanks to Darko & Mateja from the Mystic Mountain Festival Team