(2020)”Creating and growing Art-Labyrinth, we were thinking and searching the answer to one question what is the growth itself ? And how to stimulate it? In fact, not abstractly. What specific goals and actions can be provided to inspire the team and festival participants, and it could tell us that we are really moving forward and growing, not stagnating, that we are developing in the right direction.

Finally, a few years ago, a wonderful idea appeared that inspired us all to hold the festival one year in Moldova and the next one in a different country. And who knows maybe one day Art-Labyrinth will take place in Mexico or even somewhere in the bushes of Africa.

We all understand that it sounds like pipe dreams, but who knows… And now we are very close to make this idea come true and hold the festival in Romania in 2020, we will have mountains, rivers, virgin forest and incredible sites in a wild area far from touristic routes. We scouted these wonderful places and just imagine we found 2 places that meet our requirements completely and we got a preliminary agreement with the local authorities and even the spirit of forest, who faced us as a young stag. The bear, the true master of the forest didn’t show up personally, though left his prints on the forest’s wild paths. Of course, all that will be more complicated comparing to Moldova, but it will be a truly inspiring experience and we are ready for it.”

The festival is non-commercial and organized by an enthusiastic group of people who consider that art and music can bring positive changes and inspiration into each person’s life.

The first Art-Labyrinth festival was held in 2008 and since then this festival have come a long and interesting way. During this time, they have acquired a core audience who come every year, and at the same time, the event has become more widely known with the result that many people also come for the first time.

The use of only natural materials for the infrastructure, the selection of the musical program, master-classes, workshops, performances, the lack of those “elements” reminding us of the city along with a wonderful landscape creates a truly unique atmosphere which draws people to the festival again and again. Everything that is built there and everything that happens tends to affect each person in an unusual way that is completely different from their daily hectic routine.  

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When: June 23-28, 2020

Where: Comuna Bisoca, a commune in the north of Buzău county, Romania

Why: Cause every year the organizers look for a new and picturesque place in the wild; a place necessarily unknown by tourists so that almost all of the guests get to see some of the most charming places in this region of Europe.

The vibe:

Photos: © Art-Labyrinth Summer Festival; thx to Antoine Cohin