The famous legend says that the mythical singer Orpheus was born in the Rhodope Mountains – and with his lyre made animals and beasts submissive, and trees dance…

I was seduced by the forest. And the weather. And friendly, positive-thinking, great looking costumed ppl.

Meadows In The Mountains Festival is all that you think it would be after looking at the photos of this magnificent festival located at one of the summits of the spectacular Rhodope Mountains. At almost a thousand meters above sea level, just above the village of Polkovnik Serafimovo, the oldest landmass on the Balkan Peninsula seems like an unreal setting for a music festival and it’s just incredible how you can’t get enough of the peak and meadow views that you find literary in every direction your eyes reach. 

And its crazy weather… The mysticism of morning fogs touching mountain peaks, sudden changes and fluctuation of temperature, me trying to prevent water getting into the tent after a heavy rain or searching for shade in the hot 30 degrees sauna somewhere around noon … All aspects of unpreparedness and unpredictable weather conditions combined with magical sunsets and sunrises, fast-moving clouds dancing with always-changing beats of festival performers…

Meadows is not just a festival.

It’s a multidimensional experience incomparable with some other similar events.

A succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur during certain stages of sleep… …turned reality.

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In the spirit of website’s budget travel/adventure lifestyle vision, all photos in this review were made with budget Moto E3 smartphone.