Still in train, approaching Skopje, Macedonia, on our way to take a bus to Thessaloniki, Greece:

“Okay, what time is it?”
“It’s almost 6… Pack your backpack, we have to run!”
“Are you serious? No way we’ll get to the bus station on time.”
“Come on, it’s like less than 5 minutes away.. We’ll make it!”

So, yeah, we didn’t. We came 2 minutes later. Or at least that’s what the bus terminal lady has told us.

We were in a retro designed cafe right next to the bus station, drinking strong morning black coffee, arguing what went wrong, when we realized that we have almost 12 hours till the next bus departure…  which means… Let’s take a walk in Skopje, try an original tea that is served in an old fashion way, tasty Macedonian cuisine that is so affordable; let’s chill in the center of the city a bit confused with the number of the statues and quirky and relatively new architectural pieces, and meet cool folks who in a few thoughts will give us a closer look at this unique destination.

Kind of weird destination.

In a good way…