I came across Donkey Republic just recently, and being a huge cycling enthusiast, I was blown away by their awesome app – one of the best options for travelers who wanna see Europe in a unique and sustainable way. And yeah, I also really love supporting these stories and inspiring folks who through start-ups and companies are trying to make a difference and offer some great alternatives to mostly overhauled tourism options we’re experiencing today.

Donkey Republic is definitely one of these stories.


“Hi there! We’re a Copenhagen-based company that’s building a global self-service, 24/7 bike rental service.

We developed a smart bike lock that you can command with your phone, through the Donkey app. That means that it’s now easier than ever to rent a bike wherever, whenever and saddle up in just a few clicks. No keys, no, docking stations, no cash, no ID cards or deposits, no rental shop staff or opening hours. You get absolute freedom to set up your explorations on two wheels!”


Actually, this is the best part. You rent your bike online, unlock it by only using your phone – lock and unlock it again and again (just push down the lock handle when you take a break, then click “Unlock” in the app when you’re ready to roll again) and when your rental period ends, bring the bike back to its pickup location, so the next rider can find it…

And that’s basically it!


If you wanna use this app/rental service in Europe, you’ll find it in Copenhagen, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Budapest or London.. and in more than 50 destinations all around the globe.


Find out more about the service on Donkey Republic’s Official Website

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Photos: © Donkey Republic