This is what a fellow backpacker I met in hostel in Thessaloniki had to say after I shared with him my story about the thievery situation I experienced that early morning.

I mean, really man. I’m really not that stupid.

Or am I?

As I mentioned in previously published guide to Parisena Beach, I lost everything in Thessaloniki. Except for my passport and my wallet. We’re talking about my backpack, laptop, camera, sleeping bag, hammock, shirts, pants, shoes… Literary everything I packed for a month-long trip across southeast Europe.

And I lie you not, it was a weird feeling. For the first 24 hours, there was 20-something kilos missing from my back. Naked.

And it wasn’t the things I was missing. Those were, after all, well, just things…. But the feeling of having my mobile home with me. Security.

Gloomy series of “Where’s my…” that every time ended up in this narrow one-way street of nakedness and uncertainty.

The cheapest outdoor equipment store in Thessaloniki

Anyways, it took me approximately 4 hours of wandering around steaming hot streets of Thessaloniki to buy new cheap things and after I bought a new tent, sleeping bag, backpack, some clothes – I was back in the game… And ready to continue with the previously planned trip to Pelion mountain… That happened to be a whole other experience… (read the Parisena report here)

The cheapest outdoor store in Thessaloniki? Go for the Petridi Store, Karolou Ntil Street (Google Maps)

I do recommend this place, especially if Thessaloniki is your stop on your way to stunningly beautiful Greek islands, cause here you’ll find better deals if you’re missing some outdoor equipment comparing to always overpriced island shops and stores.

P.S. You must visit Thessaloniki. It’s one of the best destinations in southeast Europe – a vibrant city with exiting nightlife, arty-crafty shops, alternative vibe and awesome, welcoming people.

Thanks for everything Alekos!