FreeMental Festival is a rising star among regional psytrance festivals. It’s the one to watch and the one to catch before everyone
finds out about it.

This year it took place on the magical untouched coast of the island of Cres – on exact same day as Woodstock did 50 years ago. Actually, the organizers recently announced “that they will do everything in their power to follow that historical and groundbreaking event and provide visitors with at least a portion of craziness and wild experience as Woodstock has…”

And they definitely delivered!

The location itself is absolutely stunning and the festival area was organised in meticulous way with great efforts of the crew to keep the surroundings clean, which is always important, especially when festivals take place in unspoiled locations that this part of island of Cres really is..

So, how was it? To be a part of psytrance/biologic/chill/dub music festival intertwined with nature?

I mean… Just look at the location and feel the vibe:

Reporter: Josipa Cvelic 

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Photos by Josipa Cvelic / In the spirit of website’s budget travel/adventure lifestyle vision, all photos in this review were made with budget smartphone camera.

More information about FreeMental Festival:

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