A Cross-section of Various Genres and Musical Epochs: METRONOME FESTIVAL PRAGUE 2020

Metronome Festival Prague is the first large pop/rock festival to take place in the Czech capital. It strives to provide a cross-section of various genres and musical epochs, focusing on the hottest new sounds and the best of the past.

But the organizers don’t just provide an eclectic line-up that attracts a wide range of concert-goers, but also an exceptional level of comfort at the open-air and covered stages with sufficient seating; a broad selection of refreshments and a cashless payment system that offers secure transactions, shorter lines, and faster service.


Beck, Underworld, SKEPTA, Hugo Toxxx, Tata Bojs, Still Corners, alyona alyona, Flohio, Kafka Band, Miomir Papalescu & the Nihilists, FVLCRVM, Kapitán Demo, Lenny, and more!

When: 19-20 June 2020
Where: Prague, Czech Republic
Venue: Výstaviště Praha Holešovice


Photos: © Metronome & Marian Dvořák; thanks to Maya Reilly