Around The World Music Playlist – European edition

World music aka global music aka international music. Ethno. Traditional. Or whatever you want to call it… Here’s a short playlist of 4 amazing bands/artists from a few European countries and a glimpse to their amazing discographies… Let’s take a short musical trip to Serbia and Hungary, Ukraine, Greece and Croatia… Fasten your seatbelts:

Serbia / Hungary:

Serbian world-music band from Subotica that builds its dynamic expression on a variety of the Balkans’ motifs, taking a particular influence from the Hungarian music. In Nordian mythology Paniks means eternal flame. They don’t play anymore unfortunatelly, but their music still wows!


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The world of unexpected, intimate and new music… If you haven’t heard of them before… Well, you’re in for a treat! These guys sound really spectacular!

The amazing DakhaBrakha:

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“When we went to a very small festival from friends on the beautiful island of Donoussa in Greece this summer, one of the first persons we met was Stratos. We were walking bare foot through the beach to our apartment, when he was telling us about his special set of Greek Ethno music he was planning to play to start the festival!

Stratos was collecting the records from all over Greece for years. We were blown away by the psychedelic sounds he was playing, by far not as “happy” as we expected them to be. Experimental music existed long before electronics. After some months back home we were still talking about the effects Stratos’ selection had on us and decided to share his sonic language with you through this tape. This is a special one for sure!” (source)

Stratos Bichakis:

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“Most of the lyrics and some lead melodies are traditional from this area (Croatia). We are not trying to “preserve” or “save” them – there are people who do that, and ways to do that, better than ours. We just enjoy their symbolism, words, tunes…

We just like the feelings they invoke.” (source)


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List picks by Maja M & Pinija P