Since I was only 10 I knew what my professional future will look like.

I used to take my geography world atlas and get lost in the meadows of the nearby hill dreaming about distant lands and mythical creatures; imagining adventures mostly taken from every single Indiana Jones movie I was so excited to watch pretending these things will definitely happen to me one day.

I didn’t need fancy computer games.

I was fascinated by only looking these awesome maps, geographic features and political boundaries, social and economic statistics and I was so into it – that I would spend hours and hours mixing these symbolic depictions emphasizing relationships between elements of objects and regions with my never-ending imagination.

By the age of 12 I knew really a lot about every single country in the world, their capital cities, flags, official languages, religion, historical background, all kind of stats and random facts that make every country so unique and interesting. For European countries, I even knew how to pronounce the country’s name in its official language.

It’s safe to assume that I ended up working on something related to geography.

Don’t ever let people tell you what you can and cannot achieve – regardless how many times they’ll try to make you think the things you really love are just imaginary fractions of your childhood dreams and they won’t come true in “the reality and society we live in”.

They’re not.

They are actually the maps.

Imprisoned in the world of numbers, surrounded by unfamiliar patterns, periodic & financial statements and business transactions, and soon after graduating from the faculty of Economics, I decided to “gamble with my future”.

The plan wasn’t just to adopt the best strategy in order to maintain frequent wins and keep losses to a minimum… It was to enjoy the ride.