The fourth day of camping on the paradise beach on the slopes of Pelion mountain in Greece, there wasn’t much to do except for chilling.

I was bored, not in mood for splashing the water cause the sun was basically barbecuing everyone who was brave enough to embrace the ridiculously hot sand somewhere around noon time that day, so I decided to just lie down in a new, spacious tent I was lucky to get on a discount several days earlier in Thessaloniki.

It was a silent, almost meditative moment. You know that special time in wilderness when you adjust yourself completely to nature, and there’s less and less hysterical vibes around you brought from the urban centers; a true relaxational experience, without worrying or thinking about some stupid or irritating tasks ahead. Yup, that kind of moment.

Until… I spotted the scariest looking spider I have ever seen chilling some 20cm on the right.

You can imagine how meditation quickly turned into a complete paranoia. Ok, maybe not a complete paranoia, but it took me like 20 minutes to push him out of the tent, when a huge and weird looking bee or whatever it is started flying my way. And the sound, like a toned-down helicopter.

So, my hands are in the air, I’m practically dancing around the craziest dance you can imagine, when a couple of local beach dogs attracted by the chaos started nervously barking on me…

Just a few meters away sits an older hippie guy, also a camper, smoking a cigarette. I’m finally free from all the threads that disturbed my perfect meditational moment, heavily breathing, when he asked me the question that really sums up this weirdo situation:

  • You, city boy?
  • Yes, I’m a fu… city boy. Lol.